CLEF NewsREEL 2016


TScreen Shot 2015-11-12 at 14.32.05he CLEF initiative ( continues to promote innovative research on information access systems. CLEF orchestrates a variety of labs each dedicated to a specific challenge for information access systems.


CLEF holds an annual conferences for participants to share ideas and spark new innovation. In 2016, the conference will take place from 5 to 8 September in Evora, Portugal.

For the third time, NewsREEL ( will be part of CLEF. NewsREEL invites researchers as well as practitioners to come up with innovative methods to suggest news. As internet users face continuous streams of news articles, they struggle to find relevant information. News recommender systems take on the challenge to quickly discover those nuggets. Continuously evolving collections of news and hardly known user preferences impede their success.

NewsREEL offers two tasks. Participants both interact with a live system and re-iterate recorded streams. Interacting with the Open Recommendation Platform (ORP, reflects the actual need of operating news recommender systems. Re-iterating recorded streams let us compare algorithms on identical data. Combining results from both tasks, we can discover which criteria determine a news recommender system’s performance.

NewsREEL is collectively organised by plista (, TU Berlin (, Contentwise (, Martha Larson from TU Delft, and Frank Hopfgartner from University Glasgow.

The registration form can be found at